In a protest they’re calling the #BlackFair, hundreds of #BlackLivesMatters activists are marching the main route to the Minnesota State Fair today and reassembling at the front gates, participating in a “die-in,” and in general doing their best to disrupt attendance.

In a flyer being distributed before the march, protesters issued a list of demands, such as body cameras on all police officers, community control of police officer hiring and firing, and “real representation of African American and other minorities at the State Fair.”

If you do happen to find yourself stuck in traffic, protesters suggest you use the time for self-reflection.

If you are stuck in traffic, this might be the reason why.

Protesters began their march at Hamline Park.

Ironically, the same “racist” police force that was being protested was put to work escorting the marchers to and from the fair.

Can’t wait:

* * *

Sadly, we never doubted that it was real, but here’s video of the front line of marchers taunting the police escorting them with the chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

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