The Reverend Al Sharpton celebrated four years of “Politics Nation” tonight and used the occasion to announce his new time slot and show, which will debut this Sunday morning on MSNBC.

The only thing shocking when MSNBC announced the mass cancellation of “The Cycle,” “The Ed Show,” and “Now with Alex Wagner” is that Sharpton’s hosting gig stayed put in its regular time slot. It turns out that, as part of MSNBC’s effort to devote broadcast days to straight news reporting and prime time to opinion programming, Sharpton will be moving after all, and getting some guests in the bargain.

CNN host Brian Stelter reports that Sharpton’s 6 p.m. time slot eventually will become a political roundtable program.

Stelter writes:

Chuck Todd, the moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, is expected to move into the 5 p.m. time slot sometime this fall. A panel discussion program would be a logical companion at 6 p.m.

When the announcement happened on Wednesday, Sharpton tried to portray it as a positive, telling the New York Daily News that “I’m very happy” about the move.

He said “I can now get the A-list guests and newsmakers I want” and a “Sunday morning host is what I always wanted to be.”

Fellow MSNBC hosts congratulated Sharpton on his “promotion” to Sunday mornings at 8 a.m.

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