The mainstream media at large might not be paying attention to the series of undercover videos showing incidents of organ harvesting at Planned Parenthood, but the organization itself seems to be taking them quite seriously. The standard claim that the first video was “heavily edited” didn’t work its usual magic, as people discovered that a nearly three-hour version of the same lunch meeting had been posted at the same time.

The Center for Medical Progress has since released eight videos, each more horrific than the last, and shows no signs of stopping. Planned Parenthood must be taking this “attack” on its business seriously, as the Huffington Post reports that the organization has hired independent research firm Fusion GPS to perform a forensic analysis on the videos.

Fusion GPS did was it was paid to do, finding the videos “so distorted” and manipulated that it has warned Congress not to rely on them as part of any investigation into Planned Parenthood. Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood, said Thursday that her organization is considering legal action against the CMP — something they’ve already threatened but have yet to initiate.

That depends — the Huffington Post reporter still refers to the videos as “heavily edited,” which if true makes the hiring of a forensic analysis firm to comb through them frame-by-frame a tremendous waste of time.

He’s not kidding — that one attached screenshot comprises the entire FusionGPS website.

Dana Loesch isn’t buying the “totally manipulated” line either.

Also not impressed by the work of FusionGPS: the Center for Medical Progress.

The Daily Signal reports that CMP’s David Daleiden issued a statement claiming that “Planned Parenthood’s desperate, 11th-hour attempt to pay their hand-picked ‘experts’ to distract from the crimes documented on video is a complete failure,” adding, “The absence of bathroom breaks and waiting periods between meetings does not change the hours of dialogue with top-level Planned Parenthood executives eager to manipulate abortion procedures to get high-quality baby parts for financially profitable sale.”