sources its story from a Redditor, and they’re famous for perpetrating hoaxes, so we admit we were a bit skeptical.

However, the story of the school that suspended a second-grader for biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun (inspiring a state senator to propose the Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act) turned out to be true, as did the Boy Scouts’ ban on squirt guns and large water balloons (“Pointing a simulated firearm at another individual is not aligned with our Scout Oath nor Scout Law” said a spokesperson). So who knows?

TV’s “Wonder Woman,” Lynda Carter, points to a report that a school has deemed a Wonder Woman lunch box “too violent.”

A letter from the school reportedly explains that the school’s dress code bans violent images in any form, and super heroes “certainly” fall into the category of characters who solve problems using violence.

Seriously … someone debunk this story, please. (Although if it is true, feel free to send us that lunch box — we’ll put it to use.)