As Twitchy reported, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, last week sent a letter to Hillary Clinton’s personal attorney, David Kendall, asking specifically when, from whom, and for what reason he had received top secret security clearance.

Kendall responded yesterday, and though he didn’t address each of Grassley’s questions individually, he explained that he was issued top secret clearance by the State Department in November 2014, and his law partner, Katherine Turner, received her clearance in December 2014.

Kendall explained that he and his partner obtained the clearances “in order to be able to review documents at the Department of State, to assist former Secretary Clinton in preparing to testify before the House Select Committee on Benghazi,” adding that their security clearances are still active.

“Our obtaining these clearances was unrelated to the 30,490 emails provided to the State Department in December … and the server equipment on which these emails were stored during the former Secretary’s term in office,” Kendall added.

The National Law Journal notes two of Grassley’s questions which Kendall’s letter did not address:

Clinton’s lawyer did not address Grassley’s concern that the thumb drives were not stored securely enough between the State Department’s classification determinations in May and July, when the government installed a safe in Turner’s office to secure the emails.
Nor did Kendall respond to Grassley’s questions about the current status of Clinton’s own security clearances.

The complete text of Kendall’s letter can be found on Senator Grassley’s website.