After firing up Air Force One for a cross-country trip to Las Vegas for the National Clean Energy Summit, President Obama not surprisingly declared to the audience that “no challenge poses a greater threat to our future than climate change.”

The president was introduced by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who acknowledged Obama’s end-run around the Congress after his failure to move legislators on climate issues.

After that awkward introduction, Obama greeted Reid with a hug and a thank you for his support of the climate-friendly Iran deal. Slate meteorologist Eric Holthaus has linked climate change to the destabilization of Iraq and the rise of ISIS in Syria, but we don’t remember hearing yet how global warming is responsible for Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons.

Harry Reid probably asked if he could work them in somehow as a favor for the Iran deal support.

Yeah, we really got that feeling when POTUS told a class of graduating seniors that “climate deniers” were part of a “radical fringe that thinks climate science is a liberal plot.”

Are you talking about tonight’s speech or the last seven years?

POTUS out. A Democrat fundraiser awaits.