What were we thinking? When CBS News announced that they were going to go behind the scenes to show exactly how they decided to show some of “the most graphic footage in broadcast’s history,” we honestly thought that “60 minutes” had prepared a segment on organ harvesting at Planned Parenthood based on the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, the eighth of which was released yesterday.

How powerful are the images in the videos? Powerful enough to keep pro-abortion protesters themselves far away from the Louisiana governor’s mansion. Isn’t Planned Parenthood what they were there to defend?

Never mind all that. “60 Minutes” was debating whether to show cell phone video from a 2013 sarin gas attack in Syria.

“Viewing the footage is crucial to understanding the magnitude of the atrocity, [Scott] Pelley tells 60 Minutes Overtime’s Ann Silvio in a discussion about the report,” reports CBS News. “If you don’t see it, I don’t believe the impact truly hits you. Even though people will be disturbed by what they see, it has to be seen.”

It still sounds like Pelley’s talking about the Planned Parenthood videos. How about it? Or are they too “heavily edited” to broadcast?