The Obama administration’s “We the People” petition website, which at one time promised to present any petition that reached 100,000 signatures to the president for his response, really has been for the most part a monumental joke. (The administration did respond to a request that the government build a functioning Death Star.)

One of the most recent petitions to pass the 100,000 signature goal line was a demand that President Obama use an executive order to demand rapper Kanye West to release his new record tomorrow, Aug. 21.

Never mind.

The “We the People” site claims that the petition violated the site’s terms of participation, but we like to think it goes deeper than that. Two years ago, West “broke up” with the president, claiming that he was “past” Obama and felt he’d been “used.” Besides, it looks as though he and wife Kim Kardashian have moved on.

Maybe America will forget about that little email server issue if Hillary Clinton can use her influence to get that record on iTunes tomorrow.

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