The media let presidential candidate Jeb Bush know that it’s no longer cool to use the term “anchor baby” to describe a child born to illegal aliens, but Bush pushed back against a reporter in a testy exchange. (We understand it’s not sexist to describe a man as testy.)

Daily Mail White House correspondent Francesca Chambers noted today that Sen. Marco Rubio didn’t let himself be caught in the same “trap.”

This reminds us of the time the Washington Post’s Janell Ross gave Hillary Clinton a pat on the head and a cookie for saying “black lives matter” without any other qualifiers attached.

And once again, a reporter for the Washington Post is keeping score for the P.C. brigade.

Human beings … with stories.

We’d tried so hard to forget Rubio’s involvement with the Gang of 8 and its amnesty bill, the failure of which he this year blamed on “an incredible level of mistrust on anything massive that the government does.” Treating the words “anchor baby” as a “trap” doesn’t seem very courageous.