As Twitchy reported, #BlackLivesMatters agitators had intended to disrupt a recent Hillary Clinton event in New Hampshire but arrived just too late to be let in; apparently Clinton’s Secret Service detail was enforcing fire codes. Plus, Clinton was filming the event.

Instead, someone from Clinton’s camp offered the activists 15 minutes with Clinton following the event and, as the story goes, it was the protesters who requested that the meeting be kept private.

Speaking of private, Good magazine had claimed to have the YouTube video posted to its site, but visitors found it had been made private by the time they arrived. MSNBC had the “leaked” video for broadcast, though, along with two of the people from #BlackLivesMatter Boston who appeared in it.

Maybe MSNBC had cut some sort of deal for exclusive rights to the video, which appeared “heavily edited” on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” guest hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry. Once it had aired, the video was made public once again.

The best part of the video is undoubtedly her confusion in how to deal with these “inquisitors.” “This is, and has always been, a white problem of violence,” she’s told. “There’s not much that we can do to stop the violence against us.”

“Respectfully, if that is your position,” Clinton replies, “I will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with these very real problems.”

“That’s not what I mean,” she’s corrected. And so on.

Most interesting, though, was 2015 Hillary Clinton revisiting the failed policies of 1990s Bill Clinton.

We can’t possibly imagine.