Readers of the New York Times Magazine got a special treat today as Ana Marie Cox conducted an interview with Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. The interview will appear in print in next Sunday’s paper, and the Times notes that the interview as it appears has been “condensed and edited.” Still, the chat went on long enough for Sanders to ask Cox, “Do you have serious questions?”

What inspired that reaction? Specifically, it was the question, “Do you think it’s fair that Hillary’s hair gets a lot more scrutiny than yours does?” Cox defended her question as valid; after all, the media pays more attention to what female candidates look like. Sanders, who clearly wanted to keep the interview focused on things like universal health care, did admit that “it’s absolutely wrong” that women are scrutinized on their looks.

For what it’s worth, we haven’t heard much about either Clinton’s or Sanders’ hair, although Gov. Scott Walker’s bald spot was worth a mention.

It turns out we just haven’t been reading deep enough. There’s been plenty written about Sanders’ hair, with features appearing in the Washington Post and BuzzFeed.

But when it comes to candidates scrutinized for their hair, there’s one who towers over the others, and it’s not a woman.

Even Hillary Clinton can’t resist taking a shot. Pretty sexist, Mrs. Clinton.

We have a lot of questions for Hillary Clinton, and none has to do with her hair.