As Twitchy reported, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump made quite the splashy arrival at the Iowa State Fair by “needlessly circling” the grounds in a helicopter as Hillary Clinton was giving her stump speech. Not only that: Trump offered rides on the helicopter to children at the fair for a bit, and then allowed the remainder to take photos inside while he tooled around in his golf cart and mingled with the crowd.


Word is that Hillary Clinton can’t get enough of those.

Trump didn’t stay long, and the Trumpcopter lifted off just in time to buzz candidate Bernie Sanders during his turn on the soapbox.

Populist Sanders wasn’t about to let himself be overshadowed, though.

It looks as though Trump’s dramatic entrance was a hit — not that he was concerned about the polls to begin with.

The official butter cow of the Iowa State Fair wasn’t intimidated one bit, though.

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