And it’s about time that they did. The Iowa State Fair corndog has been the source of some of the most embarrassing photos of all time; in 2011, Business Insider even published a piece called “Here Is The Michele Bachmann Corn Dog Picture Everyone Is Freaking Out About.”

As all of the 70-and-over candidates have been saying, it’s time for some new blood, and this photo of Hillary Clinton going to town on (we think) a pork chop on a stick (possibly fried by Rick Santorum) is the shot Photoshoppers around the country have been waiting for.

Words? Votes? Passes through the hard drive eraser? We’re pretty sure this isn’t one of those Snapchat images that erases itself.

Don’t worry: Thanks to the Daily Mail, the men get to play too.

And BuzzFeed has done everyone a favor by mashing them all together into one horrific mess.

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