About 30 minutes out? But what if the interstate happens to be blocked by a parade of #BlackLivesMatter protesters? Oh, that’s right. They won’t start the march until you get there.

The first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown was observed in Ferguson, Mo., in part by a replay of the events of last year. Agitators “near” the Michael Brown events blocked streets, lobbed frozen water bottles and rocks at police, mugged a reporter and sent him to the hospital with a concussion, and looted small businesses — in some cases businesses that rebuilt after being broken into and looted last year.

This weekend it was time to take the #BlackLivesMatter message to Washington in an event deemed #BlackoutDC.

Wow, protesters have taken over the sidewalk? If the president weren’t in Martha’s Vineyard today playing golf with Bill Clinton, the Secret Service might be slightly more concerned.

And now it’s time to turn this into a real protest action by shutting down the highway.