Fox News’ Megyn Kelly ended “The Kelly File” Wednesday night with the announcement that she’d be taking a vacation for a week and a half. Salon tweeted that “the timing is curious,” while many more tweeters made sure the word “vacation” appeared in quotation marks.

It doesn’t look as though Kelly is suffering in the ratings department, though. Politico’s deputy media editor, Alex Weprin, reports that Kelly’s doing just fine.

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove writes:

The timing of the post-debate vacation, albeit serendipitous, is a welcome development for Kelly—whose on-air questioning of Trump, along with that of co-moderators Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, was the subject of a “blunt” phone call on Monday between the reality television star-turned White House wannabe and Fox News Chairman Ailes.

According to various published accounts of the conversation, Ailes made it earthily clear to his old friend that continuing to pursue a pissing match with Fox News would not go well for him.

Maybe this vacation is just a vacation?