It’s time for “proud undocumented immigrant” Jose Antonio Vargas to contact the producers at Fox 5 in Washington and let them know that one of their reporters has been using the term “illegal alien” in her reporting. After all, as Vargas wrote in today’s Los Angeles Times, the phrase is “especially toxic” and “dehumanizing.” Just take a look at this tweet and its use of inhumane language:

Emily Miller, author of “Emily Gets Her Gun,” reports today on the case of an undocumented immigrant who allegedly stabbed another man to death in Germantown.

Miller reports:

Police say on Tuesday night, Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Gaona fatally stabbed William Palacios and then ran to Baltimore where they arrested him.

The state asked that Rodriguez-Gaona be held without bond. They called him a huge flight risk because of his fake legal documents and various names.

“The police have done a really thorough job in this,” said Ramon Korionoff, spokesperson for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office. “Upon apprehension, they found a fake green card, a counterfeit social security card and also a Mexican passport.

See? That’s the sort of reaction you provoke when using terms like “illegal” and “alien” about an alleged murderer with a counterfeit social security card.

Editor’s note: We added quotations around “proud undocumented immigrant” to clarify that’s how self-confessed illegal alien Vargas describes himself (that or “undocumented American”). We apologize for any confusion.