President Obama, who has confessed to the press how he sometimes gets lonely in that big old White House, once confessed during a visit to Israel that his only wish was to “put on a fake mustache” and chat with real people in a Tel Aviv bar.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who will make history by visiting Cuba this Friday, told Telemundo he has a similar dream.

Kerry, who will take part in the official re-opening of the United States Embassy in Havana and watch as the American flag is once again raised over Cuban soil, won’t be running into these people during his leisurely stroll.

The Independent Journal Review notes that somewhere around 90 activists were arrested Sunday in advance of Kerry’s arrival. Around 40 activists arrested were walking around Havana wearing photocopied Barack Obama masks. Angel Moya, a former political prisoner, said the crackdown on dissidents was Obama’s fault: “That’s why we have this mask on. Because it’s his fault.”

Also arrested were 50 “Ladies in White,” a group formed by wives of dissidents who had been jailed.