We can’t help but point one more time to John Kerry’s speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in which he blasted Mitt Romney for his foreign policy record. Look at the crazy things Romney was claiming during his debates with President Obama.

China? Hacking government computers? Today John Kerry told CBS News that he believes that the Chinese and Russians are likely reading his emails.

“It is very likely,” Kerry said in an interview with Scott Pelley that airs tonight. “It is not … outside the realm of possibility and we know they have attacked a number of American interests over the course of the last few days. It’s very possible … and I certainly write things with that awareness.”

CBS Evening News reports:

Kerry’s comments come amid a flurry of hacking incidents believed to be carried out by foreign countries. In June, the Office of Personnel Management suffered a massive breach of personal information. Officials have told CBS News, all signs point to Chinese hackers as the source.

A month after the OPM hack, in July, it was revealed that the Pentagon’s Joint Staff email was breached. U.S. officials suspected Russia was behind the intrusion.

Kerry said the threat of digital espionage and hacking are “of enormous concern” to the administration.

And what about Kerry’s predecessor sending possibly classified information from her own secret, unsecured home-brew email server? Would Kerry say that’s “of enormous concern” to the administration?

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Editor’s note: This post originally referred to Hillary Clinton as Kerry’s successor as secretary of state, not predecessor. Twitchy regrets the error.