Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton followed up her address to the National Urban League in Florida earlier this summer by tweeting what she thought was one of the most powerful excerpts:

One of several problems: her list of those emblazoned on our hearts managed to leave out Michael Brown, whose shooting in Ferguson, Mo., led to days of clashes with the police and the National Guard, put the city on the map as the epicenter of racial unrest, and led privileged women to do this on air:


Clinton’s the do-over candidate, so “H” herself managed to ignore the omission of Michael Brown and issue her statement on Ferguson on the anniversary weekend of his shooting death. She managed to stop herself from saying “All lives matter,” having been taken to school on that topic, and instead took the bold step of addressing “systemic racism” in the United States and the need for every American to feel safe.

Here’s an idea for the #BlackLivesMatter crowd to see just how authentic Hillary Clinton’s convictions are.