The passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 is a major moment in America’s history and a landmark of the Civil Rights Movement. Even mild-mannered MSNBC host Chris Hayes was “physically enraged” when the Supreme Court updated the Voting Rights Act to reflect the 21st century, or a most Democrats put it, “gutted it.”

The Democrats are celebrating its 50th anniversary, but of course continue to insist that “voter suppression” (e.g., photo ID) is a major part of the Republican platform, and voting must be easier. Keep in mind that the current Democrat front-runner wants voting to be so easy that every citizen will be tracked in a database and automatically registered to vote when he or she turns 18, unless the person specifically opts out. She’ll even keep the server in her house so she knows it’s safe and hacker-proof.

In any case, if you think the right to vote is jeopardized by just how difficult it is, go ahead and retweet.