Last week might have been all Trump all the time, but Sunday’s print edition of the New York Times is shaping up to be the Biden 2016 issue.

First of all is a report by Amy Chozick, “Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run.”

Second up, and causing much more of a stir, is Maureen Dowd’s column, “What Would Beau Do?”

No Maureen Dowd column is a must-read EVER, but we have to admit the first 10 or so should-have-been-cut paragraphs comparing Hillary Clinton and Tom Brady are entertaining, if utterly irrelevant.

Two controlling superstars with mutable hair and militant fans, married to two magnetic superstars who can make a gazillion an hour for flashing their faces and who have been known to stir up trouble.

A pair of team captains craving a championship doing something surreptitious that they never needed to do to win.

It turns out Tom Brady and Hillary Clinton have more in common than you would think.

Forget all that, skip down about 572 more paragraphs, and you have the essence of Dowd’s piece:

When Beau was dying, the family got rubber bracelets in blue — his favorite color — that said “WWBD,” What Would Beau Do, honoring the fact that Beau was a stickler for doing the right thing.
Joe Biden knows what Beau wants. Now he just has to decide if it’s who he is.

Who he is? Dowd does know that Biden has run twice before, right?

It’s a very, very personal piece — so where did Dowd get all of her inside information?

Cold water? Politico’s Glenn Thrush, for one, says Biden 2016 isn’t going to happen.