Planned Parenthood found itself with quite the public relations crisis on its bloody hands when the Center for Medical Progress suddenly began releasing undercover videos. Discussing “less crunchy” ways to abort a baby so as to preserve as many organs as possible for harvesting and sale? That was just the beginning.

The old reliable “heavily edited” excuse didn’t fly this time, and Planned Parenthood turned to a crisis communications firm to turn public opinion back around (maybe even by staging a bogus “hacking” of their website by the world’s most computer illiterate anti-abortion extremists.)

We’re not sure, but we think dentist Walter Palmer has hired Ricochet editor Jon Gabriel (@exjon) to use his immense Twitter influence to soothe the angry mobs to the point where that Palmer can return to his Minneapolis home without being beheaded and skinned.

See, it’s working already.

Uh oh, it looks like the anti-gazelle crowd has dropped another video. Now Cecil’s brother Jericho has been killed?

And we were just starting to reconsider our outrage over Cecil. Time to turn up the heat.

Sobbing. You meant to say sobbing but were out of your mind with grief.