A week full of news has been capped off by two events. Yesterday, a federal judge, former Obama bundler and “huge Democratic donor” blocked the release of any new Planned Parenthood videos exposing the taxpayer-funded organization’s organ harvesting activities.

On Saturday night, New Yorkers still broken up about the death of Cecil the lion can raise their awareness of animal rights by viewing huge projections of endangered species on the side of the Empire State Building. Why there?

Joe Walston, vice president for field conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Society, notes to the New York Daily News that New York is “at the cutting edge of modern progressive values. And as Times Square is the crossroads to the world, the Empire State Building is its beacon. It’s a fitting global icon to convey that our urban environment and those who inhabit it are an essential force for good in the protection of our natural environment.”

In other words, guilt-repressing liberals who inhabit a tiny, overpopulated island laid over with concrete and asphalt feel best qualified to preach environmentalism and conservation to the rest of the world.

Well, the projections are pretty. Human children especially would like them.

Eye of the tiger or Eye of Sauron? And is there a smartphone app so we can vote on which ones to save first?

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