No! It’s the tweet we thought we’d never see.

That may be in the works. We confess: We’re not among the cool kids who heard about the great MSNBC purge last week, but Politico is reporting today that “The Cycle” is taking some other MSNBC fare down along with it.

Byers writes:

The cancellations, which have been expected for some time, come as NBC News chief Andrew Lack moves to refashion the liberal cable channel as a straight-forward news and politics offering, at least in daytime. In September, MSNBC will add a 5 p.m. program hosted by “Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd, while Brian Williams, the former “Nightly News” anchor, will serve as the network’s breaking news and special reports anchor.

Oh yeah. We’d forgotten that MSNBC picked habitual liar Brian Williams out of the unemployment line in June to serve as the network’s superstar anchor.

Apparently the idea is to offer more news and less opinion during the day; serve up a straight-up newscast to compete with the networks; and save the liberal opinion for prime time, which will stay relatively untouched.

In tribute to Ed Schultz, we wanted to repost that photo of him and Sharpton on their way to the “MSNBC” love fest at the White House in Dec. 2012, but it’s been deleted, apparently. Those were the days, when the newly reelected President Obama summoned “influential progressives” in the media, including four MSNBC anchors, to the White House to receive their talking points from him personally. Good times.

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