Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is a fan of viewing things behind bars, and he’s hoping the Minneapolis dentist and the entire team that helped him kill Cecil the lion will end up in a cage for their actions.

Plenty of people were surprised to find they agreed with Gingrich on any subject, but the former presidential candidate is a serious animal lover. Just days before suspending his campaign, he told a reporter he’d been to more than 100 zoos; he also petted a rhinoceros, joking that “I don’t mind petting a rhino, I just don’t want to be one.” A month later he was at the National Zoo checking out the sleeping cheetahs.

News of the killing of Cecil the lion has Gingrich wanting to see dentist Walter Palmer incarcerated.

Gingrich could have used this goodwill during this 2012 run.

For those concerned about Gingrich’s silence on Planned Parenthood, he addressed that a week ago.

And for those worried about Gingrich being a RINO, feel free to keep worrying.