The autopsy performed on Sandra Bland, who was found hanged in her cell after a contentious traffic stop, supports the medical examiner’s ruling of suicide, Reuters reported today, as well as revealed “high levels of marijuana in Bland’s system.”

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith, whose office operates the jail where Bland died, searched her cell for evidence of marijuana and found nothing, [Waller County Assistant District Attorney Warren] Diepraam said.

However, he added that the high level of the drug in Bland’s system could have influenced her mood while in jail.

“It is a mood amplifier, so it is relevant in our opinion to determine whether or not marijuana may have played a role in her death as well, exacerbating existing conditions,” he said.

We’re not suggesting that marijuana had anything to do with Bland’s death. It’s just that we’re certainly not suggesting this:

Yes, that’s Morehouse college professor Marc Lamont Hill setting himself to backpedal in just a few minutes.

We understand that, but a Ph.D. isn’t the kind of doctor qualified to diagnose universal marijuana use.

And even now, in the age of President Choom Gang, lots of people don’t smoke weed. Dare we say they’re even proud of the fact?