That’s a disturbing thought. But more disturbing than this Independence Day float? Probably not.


Still, as Twitchy reported, things did not go smoothly for presidential candidates speaking at Netroots Nation over the weekend. Between shouting from the audience and the literal takeover of the stage by #BlackLivesMatter activists (“moderator” and illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas later explained that “We cannot silence people of color and women of color”), Bernie Sanders just about walked out. “If you don’t want me to be here, that’s OK. I don’t want to out-scream people.”

That certainly doesn’t mean Sanders didn’t have supporters at Netroots. His biggest fans were sold on his “Robin Hood Tax,” which would tax Wall Street to pay for his famous promise to make state college and university tuition free. Supporters dressed as Robin Hood and carried around a giant smiling cutout of Sanders’ head wearing the famous hat.

Apparently you had to bring your own hat to the gathering of the Netroots, but supporters of the tax were handing out plenty of condoms. “Please, all we ask is that when you use this, think hard about Bernie Sanders.”

Who knows the effect on the conception of little Bernie Sanders fans?