Yes, that’s today’s big climate thought from EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. Readers were already troubled to learn that cleaning out the refrigerator leads to more food in landfills, where it produces greenhouse gasses that are killing all life on earth, but climate change is a troubling thing.

Fortunately the party of science has God on its side. Likely inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical calling for action against man-caused climate change, McCarthy held a ceremony today honoring the 12 “Champions of Change” — faith leaders who #ActOnClimate.

That’s right: The same administration that has been utterly ruthless in the courts mandating that the Little Sisters of the Poor provide abortifacients to their employees in violation of their faith or be fined into oblivion is happy to invite to the White House faith leaders who preach climate change from the pulpit.

And you know there’s no faith leader with more moral credibility than this one, who gave the opening remarks.

This looks like a good place for a flashback from meteorologist Joe Bastardi.

Silence, climate denier!