Dueling rallies by the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Black Educators for Justice, based in Jacksonville, Fla., resulted in some fighting and plenty of name calling outside the State House in Columbia, S.C., Saturday afternoon.

Although several news outlets previewing the rally incorporated file photos of Klan members in white robes and hoods, that familiar costume was absent as Klan members showed up carrying Confederate flags.

While nearly all press attention devoted to the protests has focused on the white supremacist group, not much has been said about the Black Educators for Justice. The group certainly has a press-friendly name, but few have noted that it is run by James Evans Muhammad, a former director of the New Black Panther Party and national education director of the Black Power Movement.

“The flag coming down is not progress. It is an illusion of progress,” Muhammad told The State newspaper in Columbia. “White privilege had stuck a knife in black people back in South Carolina and America as a whole. You can’t pull a 12-inch knife out two inches and call that progress.”

Speaking of flags coming down:

In the crowd at the Black Panther/Nation of Islam rally in SC.

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