She’s a Democrat?

Bloomberg Politics is reporting Wednesday night on candidates’ campaign finance reports, noting that Hillary Clinton has $28.85 million in cash on hand after raising nearly $47 million in the first quarter.

Clinton aides say that a good deal of that money has gone to “smart investments,” like leasing Clinton’s large campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, hiring a substantial number of staffers, buying email lists, conducting polls, purchasing long lengths of rope and probably filling up the Scooby van with good quality gas.

Though Clinton’s cash on hand is more than double that of any other opponent of either party, Bloomberg notes that her “overall burn rate is about 40 percent, much faster than the 20 percent rate of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders or the 27 percent rate of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.”

If things get desperate, it’s possible Bill and Chelsea Clinton will pitch in a few bucks, though they did leave the White House “dead broke.”