Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker formally announced his bid for the White House Monday, and the College Fix reports that a sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin recently tweeted that it was “terrifying” how many similarities there were between Walker and Adolf Hitler.

That should be more shocking than it is, but we are talking about a university professor here. Calculus professors likely manage to work “Walker is worse than Hitler” lectures into their lesson plans at least once a semester.

In the Capital Times (“Your progressive voice”), Goldrick-Rab complained that Wisconsin legislators had “literally shattered their employees and students” and made the university “the laughingstock of the nation.”

What chafes is what Politico has called Walker’s “erosion” of tenure:

Cutting tenure protections is appealing to some college and university chiefs because it gives them more control over cutting programs when academic demands shift. Supporters of such protections say tenure is about protecting academic freedom and attracting high-quality faculty.

Walker has said the changes to tenure are needed to give the state university system more flexibility and financial leverage.

A GOP-led legislative committee approved the tenure change, then went a step further and approved a measure that modifies state law to specify that regents can fire faculty when they deem it necessary because a program has been discontinued or changed in other ways, not just when a financial emergency exists, as it had been spelled out in state law.

Worded another way, regents are no longer required to keep on faculty even when a program has been discontinued or changed in other ways. Academics, though, see tenure as necessary to their academic freedom, allowing them to say things that might be controversial or unpopular.

Sounds more like the apocalypse than Hitler.