Wisconsin’s legislators voted in 2011 to require voters to present ID, but the law was tied up in court for years, eventually reaching the Supreme Court, which declined to hear the case. It was a huge victory against the American Civil Liberties Union and for Gov. Scott Walker, who received raucous applause when he mentioned the state’s “new” voter ID law in his campaign kickoff speech today.

Of course, the applause came from Walker’s supporters. One Wisconsin Now is doing what it can to jump start the legal challenge to voter ID, filing a suit alleging that the voter ID law contains “more than a dozen policies that have made voting in Wisconsin more challenging for eligible citizens, including turning back progress around early voting, creating additional obstacles for voter registration, and passing a law that enables intrusive and intimidating election monitoring.”

Well, there’s always Hillary Clinton and her plan to create a national voter database containing the personal information of every single citizen over age 18. No chance of that being hacked or misused.

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