Does anyone remember the perfectly innocent-looking photo of Hillary Clinton shaking hands with a man outside of an ice cream stand in New Hampshire? It wasn’t up for long, but a few people managed to grab screenshots before it vanished without explanation. The most likely explanation was the discovery of a tattoo of the word “white” on the man’s arm — and this was less than a month after a white supremacist had opened fire inside the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., killing nine.

As we asked, what candidate in 2015 is going to take a chance? Just imagine what could be on the man’s other arm!

BuzzFeed News political editor Katherine Miller says we can all relax. A BuzzFeed reporter tracked down the man, Nicholas Brown, 33, who had “White Trash” tattooed on his arms after a hospital stay left him feeling broken.

Of course, Hillary’s campaign could have left the photo up rather than allow people to assume the worst, right?