Fox News contributor Richard Grenell certainly isn’t the only one who has noticed that President Obama can speak (or sing) when he thinks it’s expedient and still fit in 27 holes on Saturday; he even gave the media “two bonus questions” after a recent press statement, making it clear that he hadn’t intended to allow any.

That statement was on his ISIS strategy, which continues to resemble a complete lack of a strategy. Where’s his statement on Kathryn Steinle, who was buried this week after being shot by an illegal alien who had been deported five times?

Scott Johnson’s post at Powerline is well worth reading (please do), but here’s a spoiler: “Obama remains silent because he cannot plausibly turn Steinle’s death to his narrow political advantage.” That does sound familiar.

What? He only sent three White House aides to represent his administration at that funeral.

Even if you can convince the American people that illegal immigration doesn’t pose a threat, you have to admit ISIS does, right?