Both The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill were anxious to pass on to their followers a story that quoted Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal as saying that “the Confederate flag is a symbol of my heritage.”

The satirical piece, which migrated to several parody sites today, was yet another shot at Jindal’s heritage.

It would seem Bobby is once again trying to put mileage between himself and his family’s immigrant past. It’s no secret that Jindal, the first Indian-American governor in US history, is uncomfortable in his own skin. For years now he has tried to distance himself from his Indian roots, and his remarks this morning are just the latest in a long line of bizarre statements and actions.

Though the use of “Bobby” to refer to Jindal should have been a giveaway that this was not a serious news outlet, it wasn’t that long ago that the Washington Post ran a piece called “From Piyush to Bobby: How does Jindal feel about his family’s past?” quoting a political science professor as saying that “There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal.”

To his credit, Coates apologized to Jindal before deleting the tweet.

Still, plenty of his followers who saw the retweet were also a bit too eager to believe it, and a good portion of those, learning that they’d been had, rationalized that it might as well have been a real quote.

The parody sites are getting to be a real annoyance.

Maybe Marc Lamont Hill could help teach that critical skill. Professor?