This might be a harsh truth to swallow, but America isn’t perfect. It’s flawed. Young people in particular who are angry, sad, and frustrated that the country hasn’t yet met their minimum standards are protesting this Independence Day by taking place in the #4thofJulyBlackout, forgoing red, white and blue clothing for black.

Of course a Facebook event has been created for the protest, arguing that joining the “blackout” is “the most powerful way to honor America.”

Our country is currently divided, and there is not liberty or justice for all. The very pillars of our great nation are corrupt. This Fourth of July, let us raise awareness of the racial injustices in our country. Let us call upon our leaders to prioritize our fundamental American rights, as well as create an important dialogue surrounding such issues.

This movement is not meant to disrespect our country or anyone who has fought for our freedom. It is in fact the opposite; the most powerful way to honor America is by asking everyone to recognize what ideas like “liberty and justice for all” truly mean, and use those ideas to shape the way we live our lives as Americans.

Somebody didn’t get the memo: