Remember that wonderful Thanksgiving when your family dropped by with a list of official OFA talking points as part of their “pledge” to have the talk about health insurance? Or how great it was that December when OFA’s Pajama Boy stopped by to drink hot chocolate and talk about getting insured?

Two years and a SCOTUS ruling later, the White House has a little homework assignment for those attending cookouts and family gatherings this Independence Day weekend.

Actually, if you could come up with and memorize a three-paragraph defense of the Affordable Care Act this weekend, and back it up with the provided statistics, that’d be great.

Kevin Griffis, HHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, has plenty of suggestions for dealing with your relatives who have been brainwashed by an estimated “half a billion dollars in ads” spreading misinformation on the Affordable Care Act. For example, what do you do when “Uncle Ted claims Obamacare is a train wreck and has cost jobs”? You set him straight with the provided script, that’s what.

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