As Twitchy reported yesterday, the president’s #AskPOTUS Twitter Q&A was supposed to be about the Affordable Care Act, but among the 11 questions that made it through were queries about Jimmy Butler’s new contract with the Chicago Bulls, whether peas belong in guacamole, and the president’s favorite band.

President Obama didn’t name a single favorite musical act but did note that he’d been listening to the Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” that morning. That inspired the Black Keys to ask if they could borrow the keys to Air Force One.

Sadly, the Akron-based duo was denied by President “You’re In My House” Obama, who at last admitted something wasn’t his. Air Force One belongs to the American people, and it’s strictly for important presidential business.

The band was given the hint of a gig at the White House, though. Maybe they could play a secret, private party like Prince and Stevie Wonder did, if loudmouth Al Sharpton doesn’t spill the beans.