Dang! A president just can’t have any fun these days.

As Twitchy reported earlier, President Obama was deeply touched seeing from his window the crowds enjoying the White House lit up like a rainbow to celebrate marriage equality, but he was disappointed that security reasons kept him from seeing it first-hand.

It wasn’t long before the president was again complaining that “they don’t let me have any fun,” enjoying a quick visit with Girl Scouts camping on the South Lawn.

Too late for a round of golf; might as well get back to work on those Iran capitulations.

The camp-out was part of the first lady’s “Let’s Move!” initiative, but we think it counts as part of the exaggerated self-esteem movement as well.

We’ll admit it’s cute that the president came out to chat with the Girl Scouts, but after that whole business with him shutting down a heckler at an LGBT pride event by angrily declaring, “You’re in my house,” we do wish he’d stop referring to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as “his.”

The president must have missed that important Vox piece on the inherent sexism of the phrase “you guys.”

Congratulations, readers, on earning your Barf Bag badges for holding it in.

Speaking of cleaning up, good news: the Girl Scouts come up clean after a quick check of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website! The Boy Scouts? They and their squirt guns and traditional values are … problematic. Best stay off of President Rainbow’s lawn for now.


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