What is being popularly called the “Liberal Spring” on social media hit a speed bump earlier today when the pro-Obamacare Supreme Court that legalized same-sex marriage nationally ruled both against a federal attempt to limit power plant emissions and in favor of Oklahoma’s use of a sedative employed in lethal injections.

Fear not, liberals: the Supreme Court is making it all up to you by blocking a set of abortion clinic rules recently passed in Texas.

As Twitchy reported, in the shadow of the horrific Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia, the Texas legislature passed laws that would — gasp!— require abortion clinics to meet the same basic standards required of ambulatory surgical centers. Abortion advocates argued that such a law would force several clinics to close. Others argued that, especially in a state the size and scope of Texas, transportation to one of the remaining clinics could be considered an undue burden on a woman seeking an abortion.

(Maybe we’re just ignorant, but isn’t there an option to build new facilities in Texas or upgrade existing clinics so they do meet state standards? Planned Planned was jazzed last month to announce progress on its new $4 million New Orleans “health center.”)

Not surprisingly, the usually suspects were thrilled to hear that the Supreme Court had stepped in to block Texas state law.

See, SCOTUS? It was only a matter of hours before liberals rediscovered their love for you.

“Care.” So very, very many life-saving mammograms to perform.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott insists that he’s not giving up the fight either.

It’s important to note that today’s ruling only blocks Texas from closing clinics under #HB2 temporarily.