It’s certainly not as though anyone’s image of BuzzFeed or the Huffington Post as an objective news outlet was shattered when each site quickly replaced its Twitter avatar with a rainbow version after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

BuzzFeed even published a handy guide on how its readers could overlay a translucent rainbow on their Facebook avatars and excitedly solicited the results: “Send us your pride-filled pictures in the comments!”

BuzzFeed’s editor certainly had no reservations about expressing enthusiasm over the ruling; after all, this is one of those rare issues that has only one side.

The Huffington Post, which always seemed to take itself just a bit more seriously than BuzzFeed as a legitimate news outlet, is still taking victory laps, today publishing this snarky piece.

HuffPo does include quotes from presidential candidates Ben Carson and Rick Santorum as well as plenty of social conservatives from the “Where are they now?” file, such as Todd Akin and Tom DeLay. Not included is Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whose 2004 statement on same-sex marriage was a stern warning not to tamper with what she claimed has been the bedrock of society for millennia [emphasis ours]:

I believe that marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman. I have had occasion in my life to defend marriage, to stand up for marriage, to believe in the hard work and challenge of marriage. So I take umbrage at anyone who might suggest that those of us who worry about amending the Constitution are less committed to the sanctity of marriage, or to the fundamental bedrock principle that exists between a man and a woman, going back into the mists of history as one of the founding, foundational institutions of history and humanity and civilization, and that its primary, principal role during those millennia has been the raising and socializing of children for the society into which they are to become adults.

HuffPo recently did publish a piece on Hillary Clinton’s evolution and associated verbal beat-down of NPR’s Terry Gross, whom Clinton accused of “playing with my words.”

But let’s be clear: we’re here to ridicule the statements of Republicans.

And the collapse of journalism much sooner than that.