Paul Bedard, “Washington Secrets” columnist for the Washington Examiner, has collected this week’s presidential report card from pollster John Zogby, who has given President Barack Obama a stellar A+, up from last week’s B-.

Obviously this week’s Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare and same-sex marriage handed the president substantial victories, not to mention the vote by a GOP-dominated Congress to grant the president the fast-track trade authority for which he lobbied Democrats relentlessly. Plus, he managed to work in a game of golf! Said Zogby:

As for policy, look at the record. He promised to pull U.S. troops out of two bad wars; health coverage for more Americans; preventing a depression; expansion of gay rights; free trade and a shift to the Pacific; and immigration reform. While racism became an open sore, the horrible event in Charleston has caused a dramatic shift in our national conversation.

The only three areas on Obama’s report card marked “needs work” are income inequality, domestic surveillance, and ISIS, according to Zogby.