Former Attorney General Eric Holder’s retirement wasn’t fast, but it was infuriating. After a minimum of three resignation notices and overblown farewell ceremonies over the course of eight months, Holder finally bid farewell for real with a heartfelt/nauseating “I love you all madly, thank you.”

Now on Twitter with a blue checkmark and everything, Holder is giving his professional opinion on the tragic #CharlestonShooting, declaring it both a hate crime and an act of terrorism.

Holder’s not doing this retirement thing very well. Current Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced a week ago that the Justice Department had already opened a hate-crime investigation into the case. And as far as calling it an act of terrorism? We’d prefer to leave the definition of terrorism up to just about anyone but Holder.

No one in the Obama administration ever really liked to talk about the threat from ISIS or a plan to deal with it, so what’s this about the domestic threat being substantial, and what does Holder propose?

Better yet …

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