As Twitchy recently reported, the Environmental Protection Agency under administrator Gina McCarthy has painted a target on yet another core U.S. industry: trucking. That news came soon after the EPA announced it would be regulating airplane emissions, which the Obama administration has named a threat to human health that contributes to global warming. And if the price of everything moved from one place to another inside the country “necessarily skyrockets”? At least the rise of the oceans will slow as promised during the campaign.

The EPA’s vital message of human survival should find a sympathetic audience Friday night on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” McCarthy even warmed up HBO’s potential audience with a sort-of funny:

Get it? Pope Francis recently released an encyclical mentioning the importance of addressing climate change, as well as some other things the Obama administration and most liberals don’t want to acknowledge. McCarthy is a proud Catholic, though, and fully supports Pope Francis — on climate change, at least.

Maher, though, is an avowed atheist who wrote the documentary “Religulous,” which lines up the world’s religions and ridicules each in turn, so don’t be surprised if the chat goes something like this.