As Twitchy reported Monday night, some of the men and women of the #BlackLivesMatter movement decided to hold a candlelight vigil and rally in New York City in memory of the nine people slain in the #CharlestonShooting attack. Part of the tribute to those killed as they studied the Bible was a call-and-response “prayer” composed by cop-killer and fugitive Assata Shakur.

The relationship between citizens and the police in many cities, including New York, has deteriorated beyond repair, it seems. In March, a newly formed collective called “Disarm NYPD” aimed to not only strip police of their firearms but drive law enforcement out of neighborhoods entirely, replacing cops with community-based “conflict-resolution bodies to make police obsolete.”

Just days later, in early April, Disarm NYPD joined several other revolutionary groups at a #NoNewNYPD rally to voice their opposition to the hiring of 1,000 police officers, demand the firing of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, and “lift up” another cop-killer, the ailing Mumia Abu-Jamal. Fast-forward to June, and yet another #NoNewNYPD rally has formed, this time in opposition to Mayor de Blasio’s plan to add close to 1,300 new police officers to next year’s budget.

What’s this Vine? North Korea? Gotcha! It’s actually the notorious police state of New York City. Aside from the English street signs, the dancing, chanting, and taunting in protest directly in front of law enforcement helps give it away.