The audience at South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s Monday afternoon press conference broke into applause several times, the first being when the governor announced that yes, the Confederate flag would come down from the State House grounds.

She did make it clear that individuals have their own interpretations of the flag and are free to fly it on their own property if they so choose.

Then again, there are those who thrive on division, and as many predicted after seeing Roland Martin’s tweet about “business leaders” and not the governor making the call, even announcing the removal of the Confederate flag wouldn’t be enough to placate some.

Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh and her followers are a prime example.

Yes, there was a large #TakeItDown rally Saturday night, accompanied by some profane signs and #BlackLivesMatter graffiti on a historical monument, and on Monday, Gov. Haley agreed that the flag should come down.

After calling for the removal of the flag from State House grounds, Haley urged the audience to keep those killed in the #CharlestonShooting and their families first and foremost in their minds.

But the governor looks too pleased with herself, doesn’t she? Isn’t that what’s important here?