Let’s give Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Democrat mayor of Baltimore who played cornhole in the city’s Inner Harbor “as bodies dropped in record numbers” in May, the benefit of the doubt that she misspoke when she confessed that City Hall “gave those who wished to destroy space to do that” during the Freddie Gray riots.

The relationship between the mayor and the police union has deteriorated to the point where the FOP has publicly accused City Hall of deliberately stalling the release of the union’s After Action Review by withholding information such as recordings of command communications made during the riots. The mayor praised the work of the police during the “uprising” but reminded them that as long as they’re cashing their checks, they have a duty to protect the city.

There’s only one way to properly deal with a mayor who’s managed to alienate the police force after a record-setting month of homicides.

Continued collaboration? What’s Pelosi been doing this whole time?

Cornhole doesn’t play itself.