CNN, the news network that makes each and every airport layover just fly by, decided to spice things up during today’s midday programming wasteland by bringing on academic Cornel West, whose promise of a reliably entertaining if incoherent rant today included his proclamation that President Obama is America’s first “niggerized” president.

SooperMexican, who also brought us video of a CNN heckler calling President Obama an “Uncle Tom,”  has uploaded a Vine of the moment.

CNN has also uploaded the entire clip, with West’s accusation coming right around the two-minute mark. There’s also plenty of talk of legalized torture and legalized terror from West, but that’s nothing new.

So what it about Obama that has West so bothered?

“A niggerized black person is a black person who is afraid and scared and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy and fighting against white supremacy,” he explained. Couldn’t it be that the president is just busy handling other matters at the moment, like golf?

This is CNN.