Women, Action, and the Media is holding its sixth annual WAM!NYC Feminist Media Conference today at Barnard College, “devoted to elevating issues of race, gender, and class in the media” and promising “a diverse group of people” in a welcoming space.

Among other offerings, Zerlina Maxwell and two others hosted a panel entitled, “Trouncing Trolls in Five Easy Steps: Problems and Solutions in Online Harassment.” The obvious question from those who weren’t able to attend is, what exactly do feminists consider online harassment? This?

Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh joined in the conversation, asserting that using Twitter’s “block” feature is a sign of strength somehow — not to mention a way to condense the five easy steps in trouncing trolls to one even easier step.

The more likely problem is finding that rare feminist who is willing to entertain a different point of view.

Lizz Winstead, founder of Lady Parts Justice, suggests that sad trolls step away from their keyboards and put their hands to some other use. She’s not trolling, though — by definition, professional funny people like Winstead cannot troll; their observations are satire, not trolling.

#WAMNYC is beyond criticism?