Remember how quickly outrage spread on social media when word got out that authorities had shot terror suspect Usaama Rahim three times in the back after a Boston police officer and FBI agent claimed he’d lunged at them with a knife? How’s that possible, to shoot him in the back if he’s lunging at you?

Remember how quick everyone was to correct the record after a group of Muslim leaders viewed surveillance video and confirmed that Rahim was not shot in the back after all? Or when that “turkey sandwich” in Ferguson, Mo., was proved to be a gun, as police claimed? Today those examples of popular misinformation join several others to welcome their new sibling, retweeted around 24,000 times and counting.

A complete lie? Is that just your white privilege talking, or do you have some sort of photographic evidence of your claim?

The “clarification?” As in, thanks for clarifying that my tweet is factually incorrect and needs to be corrected?

White privilege is publishing a completely bogus story and not feeling in any way compelled to correct it.

Certainly Hall must have tweeted something in the face of all this pushback.

“Even if he does have cuffs on and it’s only the vest…”? There’s no “if” necessary — only that correction to the original tweet, which, despite being proved wrong, is still up and has quite literally racked up more than 1,000 additional retweets since this post was started.

Unbelievable is right.

* * *


Hall’s erroneous tweet finally disappeared from Twitter around 10:22 p.m. with this explanation.